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Sailor of the King

Security forces in the city have a new, powerful weapon, it is partly human and partly machine! Director of “Total Recall” and “Basic Instinct” realized exciting action movie science fiction incorruptible defender of justice.
When the great cop Murphy (Peter Weller) is butchered by ruthless gangsters, a group of scientists and physicians has an idea of his mind connections with artificial body and create a cyborg called Robocop. Resistant to missiles and bombings, Sailor of the Kingequipped with the latest generation of weapons, RoboCop is quickly gaining recognition “tidying” overrun by crime and violence streets of Detroit. But despite the strong outer shell, RoboCop suffers anguish when voting start coming scraps of memories of his previous life and revives nightmare of his own death. Now RoboCop looking for something more than justice … wants revenge! Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) just went to the worst police station in Detroit. As a partner assigned to him sympathetic, but a confident female officer Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen). Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the OCP takes place show of the latest technological innovations, which was put into practice in the form of a police robot called ED -209. However, during the presentation of an accident, and the project is suspended. Then enters the arena of a young and confident Bob Morton (Miguel Ferrer), who gets green light for his project called “dvd covers”. His team has already worked out all the details , you need just yet… the brain of a man who herded onto a steel body could intelligently manage the entire machinery of combat, replacing the faulty and prone to making mistakes microprocessors. Alex and Lewis are called to a robbery. During the pursuit of the bandits, which proves Clarence Boddicker ( Kurtwood Smith), Murphy is brutally killed. His body of still living brain is transported to the hospital. Darkness falls…

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