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“Fighter & dvd covers” – David O. Russell Director, until now perhaps best known through the “covercity” this time takes us on a trip to the suburbs of Lowell, where he trains in the local hall Micky (Mark Wahlberg). We have the beginning of the 90s, Micky’s younger brother Dicky Eklund `s (Christian


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Bale), a local hero, acclaimed” pride of Lowell “. Guys have different fathers, different styles of being, but share a common passion – love for boxing. Dick was once a contender for the championship belt, but had lost his chance now – he trains his brother, remembering still the same, winning the fight, which made him famous at the dvd covers time. “Fighter & dvd covers” is not an ordinary film about boxing. It’s not “Rocky”, in which a heavy workout and a cocktail of raw eggs make a man master. Behind every “fighter” is because cover someone in whom he is back and who is pushing it forward for another victory. It is no different with Micky, whose relationship with his brother and his family is stronger than common sense.

Despite the apparent toxicity of the family, which is aware he can not and will not forsake it. Family is most important to him. By the time you get to Charlene. It appears then, that in addition to the heart, which he feels is necessary “cover” the reason that it will lead. However, no reason not to win a championship fight alone, he cover needs a driving force, which is the feeling of family and support. Ultimately, therefore, both the heart and the mind, must declare a truce. Only in this way Micky, the one everyone wants to wrest the exclusive, will be able to conquer and win not only their dreams, but anyone who placed his hopes in him. The film is based on facts, thanks to him we can know at a glance nearly 10-year career Micky Ward.

The creators put their very diligently to ensure that reliably present climate of the 90s American suburbs what they deserve applause. The director boldly seized the opportunity to utilize the acting talent `s Christian Bale, Dicky so it almost pushes to the fore. This expressive design, for which he was awarded actor Oscar, in my opinion, deservedly so. “Fighter & dvd covers” is a film in many ways, daring, striking again and again-to the head, the heart, making it a valuable screening experience. Acting is the biggest asset of the film “Fighter & dvd covers”. The entire cast did very well, creating a convincing picture not quite happy, not free from addictions, full of flaws, but still loving family. In the lead role, we see Mark Wahlberg, who plays well, but it is certainly an outstanding creation. Should, however, appreciate his contribution in this role – many months of training and preparation for the role of a boxer theoretical (eg by watching many professional fights).

The real star of this film is, however, according to me, Christian Bale, who plays a supporting character indeed, but very important for the development of action and appearing on the screen very often. Bale once again showed that he has respect for the people watching films with his participation and well-prepared for the role. He is very emaciated, thin, so falls very convincing in the role of a former athlete drug addict. Bale purely physical workouts also supported, fortunately, great acting skill. He just plays very well, it seems selfish, cunning, even off-putting, but you can see that deep down has a good heart. It is quite unusual for this actor’s role, but I think that one of the best in his previous works. Other drugoplanowi enactors also acquitted themselves very well, especially deserves a special mention Amy Adams (who plays Micky girl) and Melissa Leo (Micky’s mother and Dicky’ego).

The characters form a axis, competing women, initially standing on both sides of the fence, but with the same goal – to help Micky’emu success. Another interesting characters in the film, the main characters are sisters. During the session, they are a great source of both irritation and laughter really is worth paying attention to these little creations. DVD cover for the film Fighter our market Kacperska’s Eve is only a graphic designer doing such projects. Dvd cover made by him to the film, ie Soloist jes now available on the Site – DVD Covers covercity where they are available to all interested parties.

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